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What is surfing ?

 Surfing is basically an ability to use internet properly and better than usual computer users. A surfer, in the normal conditions enjoy their use of computer, read as much possible the searching issue and check many of websites to find the information about query. Surfing online could seem a useless job, waste of time, money and enegery, being lazy but after we have the mobile phones as a tool, we have browser in those mobile phones as a device to be able to surf in any time and anywhere. This makes internet a most important part of our life. Do surfers enjoy surfing mobile ? I do not think so. Is it bad to have a mobile phone to be able to ask any question any time ? I do not think mobile phones could be critisized or found guilty about a social issue. Before there was the pen and notebook. Functionally, It has ability to write something and save it, so If we remember, responsible and someone trying to work or do something had those two tools to take notes. Why do mobile phones to blame for everything ? Why not to check if the person a excusomachino or not ?

 Surfing is not sickness. This is almost a meditation for computer users to spend time and focus on something to enjoy their computer hobby. As I remember, beginning of 2000 was a hype term for computers and almost everyone had a computer in their house. Almost every kid from that time learnt how to use computer, went to school with  the dream of coming back home, after school they were excited on their way back home to meet their new friends again, so this was the routine for many of surfer little students. The advanture started with the Windows Xp. Computer was waiting there as a most interesting device with two stereo sound device and a natural keyboard sound of old keyboards. Imagine a environment full of TV and people who likes TV a lot. Suddenly a device comes and says, "I will be around too" then all the families find their kids being crazy, happy and excited about those devices. A mother can not be so happy to see their kids are happy, so directly or indirectly, everyone loved computer. The mobile phones invaded our life, not necessary to PANIC, everyone loved computer directly or indirectly.

 A small planet was so eager to invent. They woke up and found themselves with hands and they were able to build. They were able to build and have talent in time if your work on that. Such a alive creature could not stop to invent new things and only one thing was inevitable, improvement and seeking the future because of inner sense of stars above their ancessors looked at for millions years. This is the explanation of spending so much time to observe and read what websites says. Also there were weird people did not like surfing and computer. They started to organize against internet passionate people and hated computers so much to not ease their personal life and blamed computer boys for every personal obsession or psychological sickness. The belief created by them is they have to solve every problem on Planet. The reality is pumption of their Nation or social ethnicity or religious group. All the time egocentral pumption of their traditions and trade base mindset on those people. The fear could be their ignorance, I mean the ignorant they are going to be if there will be better improvement and development, the result is targeted freedom of anything because "my nation is bestie" politics made them a hamburger of any of their favourite company. Everything has a politic dimension or view. If you do not defend your rights, the silent boy from your school will tell what did you deserve.

 The hidden sickness of modern time is blaming and hate the children for their addiction to mobile phones. How long it has been we do use mobile phones ? A long time. What happened suddenly families perceived mobile phones as cigarette of children ? If the "Coca Cola" company gives a happines message of product of theirs, do families have to stand up hiddenly against this company to react in a weird way for student rights rape and future non-property of their kids ? I guess some people fucked young people's life up in time, because their religious group was hidden and powerful at that time, they hated the free person and free mind. The day comes and they realize they can not create ignorance like theirs, so they all fight for communism of their country after mobile phones called smart. Old people should have smart watch kind devices to let them know about their age If the social rights are the issue for young people. As I see in the most famous developer website, sociologically analysis if needed, we have to give them all ecstasy pills. You are an engineer, studied so many years in difficulty, after graduation found a job and suddenly all the governments went ECTASY GOVERNMENT way against your science section of your profession and you lost your job. What comes out for those insane house people of nymphomania ?

-mobile surfing

 A crazy device of porn are mobile phones. You can watch porn, you do not have limited sperms, so this is a a limitless action. The natural side effects of masturbation with mobile phones will be explained by scientists later If it seems as a unhealthy action. As we did not masturbate with a television in our pocket before, this is just not recommended to use mobile phone for masturbating as a routine. Except that, this can be called excusomachino for excuse based stupid people seek something gorgeus there. Is there any blonde girl to tell, yes, you are clever.

 This is not the same as surfing. But what if I tell you computer is computer ? As mobile phones has a size issue, technical a lot of different details than computer, this is just a tool as phone, supplement device for your computer and in 2021 there is not a human being did not hear about computers... If some crazy stupid people see those devices something against their cultural issues, try to explain the being holly of their nation or end of their nation, this is just a tool, you always get what you deserve. 

 A device for working better, faster, stronger. If you do any business, you can realize how easy everything goes and how impossible can be something usual in your life with mobile phones. This is a insane device for adaptation and make your computational works to develop in a better way. Imagine you have notebook and something to create. After you do work, you will realize how funtional is this device beside the addiction of some people, and as western civilizations imply all the time, you will get how much you worked. A mobile phone could change everything to tell people of Earth, now, there is no limit, do not bother people working on something with your excuse or sick character of yours from out dated religions bullshits from your family. 

 I am not sure about 2000 hours rule if heard, the only rule in life should be take into consideration as a rule and think about the mobile phones before making it your life excuse to blame everyone.

How to get familiar ?

 Firstly, you need to open the Google website, and look at the page like you do not have anything to ask to Google. Secondly, slow steps, like you are going to watch porn but anyone should not know about it, you should look at "I'm feeling lucky" button, and then ask the question of questions, "what is that?" If you have mouse and if there is not any question about compability between your fat fingers and mouse, then you can use your slow move method to take the cursor on that button of question of the century. If you realized there is something to be afraid of Google and asking questions, then you can be a surfer.

-search engines

Google - Duckduckgo - Go.Mail.Ru - Yandex.com

-common zones

 As Google makes website in higher placement, there is also an attitude of people choose certain websites they visited before. If you are familiar with something, this is the possible friend kind object comes out as result. Yes, I saw it before, you would say second time you see a website and if you liked this website of course.

 The obsessions can not be mixed or confused with habits. If you confused your obsessions with your habits, do not expect to have a healthy mindset for yourself and people around. If another person look at your surfing experience, while you are surfing if he watches, there can not impression of obsession if you were stack in an issue that you were searching for long time. Only understand the way it works, you find what you are looking for somewhere between those time you spend, at the end, you find what you were looking for.

 The familiarity is the keyword for common zones in your surf experience because you can not try achieve something crazy good If you did not walked a long path and learnt, saw, experienced a huge amount of time. So you do surf about your interest, or a question, find many different sources, after a while you realize this situation is taking you more or less the same area online.


 Bookmarking is basically saving the website to your website list. If you have a few favourite websites to spend time, search what you were looking for, in time you got familiar with the other websites and you remember them, there can not need for bookmarking. Interesting part of bookmarking is Blogger has a widget for get updates from different blogs to your main page, this can be another kind bookmarking example.

Social Media

 The main addiction reason of mobile phones are perceived by people as social media. Before there was not social media 2.0, internet was based on web pages and some basic programs to stay on somewhere and have different sections to explore what is going on online. Social media can not be discussed as good or bad, this is also a tool, It is up to you how you use it. Maybe there was industrial 4.0 adaptational problem of the social, internet implied about "social" and "media" to not let have a block against internet because those are different devices. Television was formalized after invention of it because It was mainstream and before there was just the Radio. States could give the message from one stream, internet has developed every country in a crazy way with its page and developmental based attitude of the users. So there can not be a huge problem of quitting the cigarette, it is an addiction and personal problem. Like cigarette, there can not be question or policy or politics against internet if you are not responsible manager, organisation or person. People do improve their skills for years, spend so much money, time and effort to write something valuable for next generations, some others some to invade everyone, everywhere, they are best, they have a lot personal problems... I might tell you, if you bother someone's job and life, do not expect them give you something.


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